About us

About us

cabinfares.com is a leading online travel agency. We do serve customers of USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. We do offer flights for almost all major domestic and international destinations across the globe. With us, you have flexibility to search live fares from more than 400+ airlines and get the right flight for you and your beloved ones. In addition to that, we do offer number of promo codes to give you a chance to book your flight with huge discounts and save your money every time you book a flight with us. Our mission is to establish cabinfares.com as a leading and loyal travel brand that look after for all the travel needs of its customers. We believe every satisfied customer is our brand ambassador itself so we do our best to satisfy our customers and gives them the best available travel services within budget and in time. We at cabinfares.com take care of everyone's need, whether you are a businessman looking for a business flight, or a student searching for discounted student offer, we give everybody a reason to smile. Besides this, if you need any assistance while booking your next flight our dedicated & professional travel experts are always there for you to help you in finding the best available flight deal for you.
Just give us a call on our toll-free +1(800) 984-8250 or write to us at Support@cabinfares.com, we will be glad to serve you. Have a peaceful getaway. +1(800) 984-8250 or mail us at Support@cabinfares.com . Have a peaceful getaway.

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We (cabinfares.com) are an online travel agency based in the USA. We don't issue the air tickets by ourselves rather we simply help the clients with booking flight tickets for different air carriers. We won't be in charge of any accident in air ticket booking or any disarray caused during gathering the ticket at the concerned place. Delays, flight cancellations, and over bookings may happen on air flights reservations by the issuing airlines. We can't and won't accept accountability for their acts. cabinfares.com will not be held responsible for any potential damage caused by airlines or i

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